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Hi, we are Carly, Emi and Kelli, and we are beyond thrilled to meet you here in our Chic little corner in the online business world.

Our Origin

Our story began when the three of us purpose-driven and goal oriented women met inside one of those DIY business building courses. You know the kind…the one that comes with a hefty price tag, promises dreamy and very doable results. Yet, after pouring your heart and soul into these exhaustingly lengthy videos, you’re left completely overwhelmed, ultra confused, and are second guessing your entrepreneurial self as well as your abilities. Yes ma’am, we empathize with you (been there, felt that). Once we collaborated together through small manageable tasks, we were able to quickly and proficiently complete our course and launch our offers.

We found that the clarity of the business building GEM is not in the exorbitant size or price of the training. Instead, it is in the refined and bite sized tasks through collaboration that streamlined us to confident completion. That is how the idea of Chic Business Boutique developed.

We believe that no woman should have to feel defeated or alone while designing and building their online business. We also believe that not all business courses are a one size fits all solution. Imagine walking into a business boutique and immediately discovering everything you needed to tailor your business ensemble without the overwhelm or breaking the bank!!

Meet Chic Co-Founders

Chic Business Boutique Co-Founder - Carly Sullens

Carly Sullens

Co-Founder, CCO (Chief Creative Officer)

Carly, a Chic Business Boutique co-founder, is a globally recognized artist, photographer, and art therapist. Her expertise bridges the gap between creativity and technology, inspiring individuals to compose captivating visuals and designs for their brand and business success.

Her insatiable curiosity and passion for others and creative expression led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy, where she explored the profound connection between art and human expression. This unique combination of artistry and psychology laid the foundation for her exceptional approach to photography and digital art.

Beyond her creative endeavors, Carly is an enthusiastic educator, sharing her expertise internationally to inspire others. She effortlessly imparts her knowledge and techniques, allowing others to unleash their visual potential.

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Emi Osborn

Co-Founder, CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Emi is a Business & Tech Mastery Coach with over a decade of experience as a serial entrepreneur. While many find technology to be complex and time-consuming, Emi has a unique passion for making tech enjoyable, straightforward, and aesthetically pleasing. She considers herself a tech unicorn and has discovered her calling in assisting mothers in rapidly establishing profitable and authentic digital businesses without the hassles of technology.

Emi’s expertise lies in transforming the perceived 1% misalignment into a seamless alignment of actions, enabling individuals to build wealth and embrace their dream lives with profound purpose, fulfillment, and freedom.

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Chic Business Boutique Co-Founder - Emi Osborn
Chic Business Boutique Co-Founder - Kellie Kelly

Shaunti Kelley

Chief Volunteer Extraordinaire

With a colorful history of entrepreneurship and an unwavering passion for living her best life, Shaunti embodies ambition, innovation, and tenacity. She’s no stranger to the challenges of turning ideas into thriving businesses and understands the vital role of a dedicated team.

However, her most cherished role is that of a fierce cheerleader for aspiring women entrepreneurs. With boundless enthusiasm, she encourages every woman with a dream to step out of their comfort zones, embrace challenges, and celebrate their wins, no matter how small. She’s living proof that the journey through trial and error is immensely rewarding, requiring only creative determination, resilience, and unwavering passion.